martes, 8 de septiembre de 2009

Conclusiones del último TSC

TSC Member composition change
It is with earnest thanks to Jim Case, for his assistance at the Kyoto Working Group Meeting, that the TSC voted to terminate his ad-hoc membership.
Approved Documents
The TSC approved the following document:
o The Three-Year Plan Guidelines, available from the TSC Documents page at were approved. This was in response to a proposal by Project Services on the process a Work Group would follow to update (or create) their Three-Year Plans, as well as provides response to a request to the TSC to provide on format and structure guidelines for Three-Year Plans (TSC Tracker # 1082, status=closed once GForge becomes available)
The TSC wiki site houses its minutes, process documents, templates, links to the ArB wiki and the TSC Issue Tracker, a list of current projects, and more. You can access the TSC wiki at: See the links below for instructions on how to view the list of projects and access the TSC Issue Tracker.
To view Projects:
r Go to Project Insight at: (this requires a PMO assigned login) OR
r Go to the searchable Project Database at: OR
r Open the Project List on GForge at: (will redirect to new site once available)
To Access the TSC Issue Tracker:
r Go to: (will redirect to new site once available)

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